Holmes’ Hounds —Amador County, California’s own Sherlockian Society

Once 221B Baker Street was in place, the rest was elementary – a Sherlockian society, Holmes’ Hounds, formed to bring this room alive. Meeting every other month for evenings of engaging discussion of the original Holmesian canon, members dress in their Victorian finest, give character presentations, hold court to guest speakers, play period games, are “hare and hound” to scavenger hunts, and engage in quite a bit of eating, drinking, and tomfoolery. Hounds meet occasionally throughout the year for formal parties: Sherlock Holmes’ Birthday Celebrations, The Stoddart Dinner, and The Christmas Soiree.

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Holmes’ Hounds in person meetings resume!

July 6, 2021 … 6 pm. Special guest speakers: Michael Kean & Walter Jaffee
Sept 7, 2021 … 6 pm
Nov 2, 2021 … 6 pm
Christmas Soiree  … Date & Details TBD

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