Full-length Sherlockian plays and Dinner Mystery Theatre events are performed several times a year at Baker Street West. FOR TICKETS, contact Mrs. Hudson at info@BakerStreetWest.com or call 209.223.2215. For news about upcoming performances, visit and “Like” Baker Street Players on Facebook.


Dinner Mystery Theatre

Our Baker Street Players have been exercising their dramatic chops to mystify and tantalize even the most seasoned detective. The plots, entwined to a most baffling perfection, are brought to you by Artistic Director and Writer, Beth Barnard, accomplished in weaving webs of mystery for over 20 years.

The dinners for the Mystery Theatre are brought to you by Chef Chuck Swisher of The National Hotel.

You watch the drama, you eat the English fare, you observe and listen for clues, you are the detective! Tickets $65.00 each.


Afternoon Tea Mysteries

Looking for a cozy tea? Well, it is not here.

Our Afternoon Tea Mysteries are far from being threatening (we hope!) but this not your ordinary teatime of red hats and extended pinkies, discussing the posies in the garden. In fact, it is very possible there is a body buried in the garden . . . under the posies. Guests at the Tea come in character. The characters mingle. The perpetrator is unearthed. And the stellar sleuth is applauded! Linda French from Possibili-Teas provides the Mystery; Jackie Tarchala of Kneading Dough Bakery provides the high tea; and Linda Hein of Baker Street West provides the backdrop. Tickets: $48.50 each.

For a schedule of future Afternoon Tea Mysteries (or, in the alternative, to book an Afternoon Tea Mystery at your pleasure) do contact Mrs. Hudson at info@bakerstreetwest.com.

Afternoon Tea at Baker Street West

“It’s brilliant! Afternoon Tea at 221B Baker Street! You must not miss it, Love!”
Delectable… Scones, tea sandwiches, cookies, fruit, served in Victorian Square at Baker Street West. Includes a tour of Mr. Sherlock Holmes’ and Dr. Watson’s study at 221B, conducted by Mrs. Hudson. Tickets $32. each, reservations most certainly necessary! Telephone 209.223.2215 or send a request to info@bakerstreetwest.com.

A Gilded Tea in 221B!

For a birthday, 50th Anniversary, retirement and other special celebrations… Just imagine…golden sunlight glows off pure gold china tea service in 221B, with upper-crust delicacies by our bespoke baker, Jackie Tarshala, and cameo appearances by characters from the tales of Sherlock Holmes delighting discerning history buffs and Sherlockians! It is a private affair; an exclusive High Tea, Afternoon Tea (or Elevenses anyone?) for up to 10 guests by special arrangement with Mrs. Hudson. Please telephone or message her at 209.223.2215 or info@BakerStreetWest.com.


Docent Tours

Wonder what it would be like to view The Great Detective’s flat, 221B Baker Street, from the eyes of a character in one of the stories? Your opportunity is here at Baker Street West. On select occasions, docents give tours from their unique perspective:

  • Imagine being secretly ushered into the flat by Silas Brown, horse trainer, from The Adventure of Silver Blaze. “Secret” you ask? Well, Mr. Brown has a bone to pick with Mr. Holmes, and he conducts his tours on the sly.
  • Fortunate you would be to see 221B from the viewpoint of Irene Adler, “The Woman,” from the story A Scandal in Bohemia. She is proud to be the object of Mr. Holmes’ admiration, as she is the only woman to “best” Sherlock Holmes.
  • Eliza Barrymore has come all the way from Baskerville Hall of Dartmoor to 221B to retell her part in this sinister story of a supernatural hound, the moor, and mayhem.
  • Miss Burnet, from The Adventure of Wisteria Lodge, will relate on her tour of 221B how she toiled undercover to trap the “Tiger of San Pedro,” a brutal dictator from Central America.
  • Mary Maberley is one of Mr. Holmes’ newest clients. An unknown party has asked to buy her house, The Three Gables, contents, and all of her personal effects. Should she be suspicious? Perhaps you can advise her.
  • Examine 221B with Hilda Adair, who lost her brother by way of a murderous act perpetrated by Colonel Sebastian Moran. Her tale takes place after The Great Hiatus, when the errant Mr. Holmes returns to Baker Street and to The Adventure of The Empty House.

    Docent Tours are scheduled on select weekends throughout the year. For a private tour by special arrangement, contact Mrs. Hudson at info@bakerstreetwest.com. To be included in a mailing list that announces all events at Baker Street West, do contact Mrs. Hudson at info@bakerstreetwest.com.


Baker Street Players

Sherlockian plays are Baker Street Players’ speciality. We present to you Sherlock Holmes and his comrade in crime, Dr. John Watson, three to four times a year. Their extraordinary cases are framed by an authentic Victorian Village as a backdrop to Conan Doyle’s Holmesian stories. Nominated for regional awards, Baker Street Players, an ensemble with brilliant performers and crew, is dedicated to the craft of theatrical drama.

Interested in becoming a Baker Street Player? Apply here…