About Us

Baker Street West is the product of brilliant minds — with a love for the adventures of Sherlock Holmes — knocking together and causing an explosion of creativity.

But first came Hein & Company Bookstore back in 1991, established by Wolf Hein in the heart of the California Gold Country in Plymouth, southeast of Sacramento. Hein & Company Bookstore had a habit of outgrowing its four walls, and it moved twice until, in 1997, it landed at its current location at 204 Main Street in Jackson, the seat of Amador County.


In the springtime of 2012, the seed of an idea was planted for Baker Street West by two friends, Linda Hein and Beth Barnard, who would meet together and discuss the stories of Sherlock Holmes. What germinated and continues to grow is Baker Street West, the whole of the second floor above Hein & Company Bookstore.

We’d like to thank the following organizations for their support of Baker Street West:

The Ledger Dispatch, Amador & Calaveras Objective Regional News

KVGC Radio, The Voice of the Gold Country

Amador Council of Tourism

Amador County Chamber of Commerce

The National Hotel, Jackson

Kneading Dough Bakery, Volcano

Linda J. French, Possibili-Teas, Pioneer

Farrell Photography

Eleanor Caputo, Photography

Ama-Lytics, Web Design & Promotion

Blue Mountain Transit

I Hear of Sherlock Everywhere