About Us

Baker Street West is a remarkable environment, recreating a Victorian Square and several themed shoppes honoring Sherlock Holmes, including his residence at 221B Baker Street.

Established in 2013, Baker Street West is already gaining international notice, attracting fans of Sherlock, Victoriana, and Steampunk.
• It is home to Amador County’s only literary society, Holmes Hounds (with 70 members), and to Baker Street Players, a theatrical ensemble dedicated to Sherlockian and Victorian drama.
• It is both a cultural organization and a venue, providing youth of all ages with acting classes, workshops, and performance opportunities. By offering its unparalleled venue for meetings, photo shoots, and docented tours, Baker Street West has already begun attracting visitors to Amador County.
• It is an event and entertainment company, offering spirited adventures in the Victorian world: full-length plays, Afternoon Teas, Dinner Theatre Mysteries, and private parties.


As a 501(c)3 non-profit organization, the mission of Baker Street West is to enhance performing arts, educational opportunities, and lively experiences in our area.
Baker Street West, “Where the Game is Always Afoot!”


We’d like to thank the following organizations for their support of Baker Street West:
The Ledger Dispatch, Amador & Calaveras Objective Regional News

Farrell Photography shoots fabulous promotion photography for the Baker Street Players. 916-717-7902

Dave Vasquez composes the dramatic original music for Baker Street West’s live and recorded productions. Music is available for free download by clicking here. For a cd of these songs send email to vaz59@yahoo.com

Boilerworks Café, downstairs in Hein & Co. Books, keeps us going with exceptional coffee and treats

Kneading Dough Bakery, Volcano, serves up delicious desserts and tea menus for our special events

KVGC Radio, The Voice of the Gold Country

Amador Council of Tourism

Amador County Chamber of Commerce

I Hear of Sherlock Everywhere