221B Baker Street

221B Baker Street at Baker Street West is a ‘tip of the deerstalker’ to the greatest consulting detective who ever lived. It takes great effort to convince the world’s preeminent consulting detective and his “Boswell,” Dr. John Watson, to relocate from their natural home in London, England to the California Foothills. But we have persuaded them. Once 221B became habitable in November of 2013, Mr. Holmes and Dr. Watson made the transition to their West Coast domicile.

Tours by special arrangement can be made with Mrs. Hudson to view 221B when Holmes and Watson are away gathering clues on their current adventure ( Visitors will observe the intimate objects and extraordinary possessions belonging to this noteworthy pair of remarkable sleuths. Over and above this most excellent opportunity, guests will be thrilled when secret passageways are revealed to them in the course of their tour in 221B Baker Street.